What Is Krill Oil?

Krill oil is harvested from krill, which are tiny crustaceans that look like shrimp. They represent the largest biomass on the planet and are a major food source for whales. The oil derived from krill can provide many health benefits.

Why Should I Take Krill Oil?

This is often the first question on many consumers' minds, and is a good one at that. To answer this question, you should realize that krill oil contains a very high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which have been proven to improve your health in many various ways. In fact, krill oil has a much higher amount of these nutrients than fish oil.

What Exactly Are The Benefits?

Heart Health: Benefits include improved cardiovascular health, blood pressure regulation, cholesterol management and reduced inflammation which may lower your risk of heart disease.

Cognitive Health: Krill oil has also been tested for improved cognitive health benefits like improved memory, better focus, and increased concentration. It has also been proven to improve the symtoms of ADHD.

Joint Health: Symptoms of arthritis like joint pain, stiffness, and functional impairment have also been shown to be alleviated.

Women's Health: For women, krill oil can reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS.

How Should I Keep and Store My Krill Oil?

Once you receive your supply of krill oil, you should keep it in a cool, dry location. It doesn't have to be refrigerated. As long as the room is kept at a normal inside temperature, it will be fine. In fact, refrigeration isn't recommended since it can cause the softgels to "weep", which then causes them to all stick together.

You should also note that krill oil has a shelf life of three years, which means that you can keep it stored away for quite awhile before it goes bad.

How Soon Will I See the Results From Krill Oil Supplementation?

Since krill oil has such a high concentration of omega-3's and antioxidants, you should start seeing results within the first week or two. Though this will depend on what you're taking it for. It's not a miracle pill by any means, but you will start to see some improvement right away. The results may get even better once you've supplemented with krill oil for a few weeks or longer, since it will have had plenty of time to kick in by then. There's no waiting 6-8 weeks like some other supplements.

What If I Have Seafood Allergies?

Although krill oil was tested as being negative for allergens, check with your doctor first.

Are There Any Dangers With Taking Krill Oil?

If you're taking blood thinners, then you shouldn't take krill oil without consulting your doctor.

Women who are pregnant should consult their doctors.