Is Krill Oil a "Wonder Pill" for Women's Health?

At last! A safe, all-natural solution for PMS. This nutritious and scientifically proven method for natural PMS relief has women all over the country praising it for its effectiveness and ability to relieve many of the symptoms associated with that time of the month. What are we talking about? Krill oil, of course! Did we mention that it relieves both the physical and mental miseries that come with PMS? Up to 97 percent of all women that are of reproductive age experience some degree of the physical, mental, and social distress at that time of the month during the best years of their whole lives, and would love a way to relieve these symptoms safely and naturally. If this describes you, then you would do well to continue reading and discover all of the ways that krill oil can help you.

The first way that it can help you is that krill oil will help stabilize your emotions during that time of the month. The antioxidants and other ingredients in krill oil have been proven to help in the management of all emotional symptoms associated with PMS, including irritability, depression, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In fact, in a study that was performed with krill oil, the group that had taken the actual krill oil experienced a much better ability to control their emotions, along with an improvement in all of the other symptoms associated with PMS.

Not only will krill oil help you emotionally, but it will help relieve the joint pain that many women experience during that time of the month. Joint pain is caused by a multitude of chemicals that go through the body at that time, which not only affect you emotionally, but physically as well. The antioxidants in krill oil focus on your painful joints and help relieve the discomfort that you might feel during PMS. In the above-mentioned study, the patients that received krill oil had to take far fewer pain relievers than the control group, so if you suffer from joint pain during that time of the month, then you will certainly benefit from krill oil.

Krill oil can help not only with your emotions and joint pain, but also the tenderness that many women experience during PMS. The omega 3 fatty acids in krill oil are the main factor that help relieve this symptom. In fact, while some people praise regular fish oil for accomplishing the same thing, the truth is that krill oil has a much higher concentration of omega 3's, which means an even more effective relief from tenderness.

While krill oil has many benefits that will help with PMS, we should also mention that there are no side effects that are associated with it. Many people are used to simply accepting the fact that they'll have side effects with anything that they take, but in fact, no significant effects have been reported with krill oil. This means that you can have all of the outstanding benefits mentioned above, without the fear of headaches, indigestion, or anything else that you would normally expect!