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Here are several links to different studies of Neptune Krill Oil.

Cholesterol: 34% LDL Reduction, 44% HDL Increase

PMS: 42% improvement (both physical and emotional symptoms)

Chronic Inflammation: 20% reduction

Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Neptune Krill Oil

These links are a great starting point for research into the effectiveness of krill oil supplementation.

This video presentation was created by Neptune Technologies to give a detailed overview of krill oil.

Dr. Oz recently did a segment on his show about the benefits of krill oil. He now believes krill oil may be superior to fish oil for getting your omega-3's. In typical Dr. Oz fashion, he invites an audience member onstage to assist with a practical demonstration of how krill oil works in the body.

...These krill are at the bottom of the food chain but they may be faster and stronger than other sources of omega-3's......It seems that krill oil can actually reduce the chance of heart disease......There was a big study that was just done showing that 1000mg of krill oil had the same effect as 3000mg of fish oil...
Dr. Oz

Krill oil is starting to get a lot more main stream exposure now than it has in the past. To see the entire Dr. Oz segment on krill oil, go here.

Dr. Oz Krill Oil Video